Film Antics presents:

A Good Night

* Knight

Director: Paul Aspuria
Executive Producers: Paul Aspuria, Raymund Aranda, James Davis, Jr., Juan Sotelo
Screenplay: Juan Sotelo
Director of Photography: PJA
Editor: Paul Aspuria
Producer: Raymund Aranda
Production Coordinator: Annabelle Moore
Sound Recordist/Production Assistant: Isaiah Moore
Boom Operator/Production Assistant: Johah Moore
Locations Coordinator: James Davis, Jr.
Music: Audio Jungle
Poster: James Davis, Jr.

Kelaiah Moore as Sasha
London Lombana as Devin
Melissa Locsin as The Principal
James Davis, Jr. as Coach Alan
Raymund Aranda as Manny/Knight

A special thanks to our friends and family for always being so supportive.
-FA Crew