Film Antics presents:

Heading Down South

A self indulgent, and recently cut off trust fund middle-aged man, embarks on a road trip with his co-dependent lady-muse. Having no money, they pick up a brain-twisting stranger that pays for gas. What ensues is a twisted turn of events, fostered by their new passenger.

Director: Paul Aspuria
Executive Producers: Cleveland Brown
Screenplay: Juan Sotelo
Director of Photography: PJA
Editor: Paul Aspuria
Producers: Juan Sotelo
Music: Picture Atlantic
Posters: James Davis


Raymund Aranda as Dean
Nahreen Tarzi as Marilyn
James Davis, Jr. as James
Evan Sokol as Carl
Jacob Wylen as JR Oviedo
Alexandra Young as Rachel
Steven Burke as Steve
Conor Hamill as Buck
Laszlo Kovacs as Man
Kevin Baraquil as Sales Associate
Meir Chasin as Dean’s Friend
Vanessa Leigh as Woman
Aaron Landucci as Barista
Britany Huff as Barista
Bryan Valko as Barista
Ryan Shafto as Barista
Jerry Kraus as Usual Patrons
Lee Mar as Usual Patrons
Paul Burke as Body Shop Owner

A special thanks to our friends and family for always being so supportive.
-FA Crew