Film Antics presents:

Kamel Attaboy vs. Master Alcala

Kamel Attaboy, 12-Time Staring Champion, must over come his addiction to confront his greatest opponent, Master Alcala.

Director: Paul Aspuria
Executive Producers: Paul Aspuria, Raymund Aranda, James Davis, Jr., Juan Sotelo
Screenplay: Paul Aspuria
Director of Photography: PJA
Editor: Paul Aspuria
Producer: Raymund Aranda
Sound Recordist: Sammy Wong
Production Assistants: Vincent Lowe & Kristen Ronberg
Locations Coordinator: James Davis, Jr.
Graphics/Poster: James Davis, Jr.

James Davis, Jr. as Kamel Attaboy
Raymund Aranda as Master Alcala
Vanessa Leigh as Emily/Cyborg
Cynthia Acosta as Hannah Trendetto
Kelaiah Moore as Tiffany
London Lombana as Lance
Vincent Lowe as Peter
Judy Cerda as Detective Smith

Bennettfit in San Jose, CA
Jah Bennett

Special Thanks:
Jangy Addy at Bennettfit
PJ Ciraulo and Steph Chatfield at Bedlam Beauty and Barber

High Noon by MaddMattAudioLabs
Vintage Style by Nanohouse
Return of the King by Creartic
Red Dragon by inRedMusic
Dark Churches by TheConceptMan

A special thanks to our friends and family for always being so supportive.
-FA Crew